Introduction to Academic Writing

Writing is a process of communication between a writer and a reader or readers. Writing can be very rewarding if it is carefully planned as it can reach a wide audience.

Academic writing is an objective and controlled research conducted either voluntarily or at the request of an organization. It is solely meant for informational purposes. The academic audience is generally skeptical and one has to put together the most logical, most important and logical of most actual facts. It could be a term paper presented as part of the requirement of a degree course. It could also be a thesis or dissertation, which leads to an academic award. Another definition of academic writing is any article made for publication in a scholarly journal. It could be a book that is meant to be a textbook for education in an institution.

While academic writing is seen as a mental torture, every writer needs to be conversant with this writing convention as it is the one that gives him or her freedom to put down what and how he or she thinks about a particular topic. You are meant to explore new topics that are of interest to you and find facts and evidence to support your findings.

In an academic writing task, you are expected to pose a good question (research problem, thesis, thesis statement, hypotheses, etc.) and provide adequate answers to your quest. You are then expected to analyze and discuss your argument by giving out your best answers by sharing your thoughts and findings with logic reasoning to justify your answers and evidence.

Writing is art. Being an art means that one can master it through practice and frequency of activity. Therefore, as a writer you should make it a personal goal to write at least one page (275-300 words) a day to better your skills and develop and establish your voice in every piece of writing that you write.

Academic writing will come to you with many benefits. You will discover that all the efforts that you put in place will not go unrewarded. You will develop and possess prowess in such skills as in researching, evaluating information, organizing, arguing, responding to others peoples arguments, analyzing and interpreting data and expressing yourself clearly in writing. These are the skills that are valued by employers.

Though your instructors may have different names for any academic writing ranging from term paper to essay, the concept of academic writing remains the same, that is, it is any material that is written for use in academic assessment or referencing for a detailed learning. But always keep in mind that the following does not count as academic writing: contributions to newspapers and popular magazines, sermons and testimonials, political or religious propaganda, any mass appeal for a better social order, fiction or creative work, a paper full of quotations from sources, information drawn entirely from personal experiences and a paper whose information is not properly documented.

That is all for today. Lets keep writing and contribute to the intellectual knowledge out there. Make your knowledge count! Until next time, peace!

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