Significant Elements To Be Considered in the Writing Task

There are five significant elements that a writer should consider in any writing task:

  • The writer
  • Topic
  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Occasion

Now let’s start by looking into each of these elements.

  1. Writer

This refers to the individual who is undertaking the writing task. The task to be written is dependent on the writer. For example, in some types of writing, the writer writes what they feel or think. These include; journals, anecdotes and personal essays. The writer in such writings writes with an emphasis on themselves.

2. Topic
The writer’s emphasis is on what they know about what they are writing about without considering their feelings. The writer should be well informed on the topic that they write on, for example, academic paper or article.

3. Audience
The most vital questions that one ought to ask are:
Who will read my essay?
What are their expectations?
How old are they and are there terms that I should define?
Would the audience be categorized as highly skilled test processors or limited in a certain ways?

As a result, you will discover that the audience will determine several things. For example, the audience will determine the type of information given, the level of formality, the tone used to give the information and the amount of information given as well as the amount and level of proofreading done. One thing that a writer should note is that even when one is writing to an instructor, they should not have in their mind only one person (instructor) as this makes their language sound unnatural.

4. Purpose
This is the goal for writing any task. Traditionally, there are four categorized purposes of writing, namely; to express, to inform, to entertain and to persuade. Consider a scenario where one wants to comment that women have always allowed men to make major decisions including voting exercises. You now want them to come out and decide in the referendum. This purpose will automatically make you choose bold words and forceful claims as opposed to descriptive and gentle words. The language style or register of extracts uses an informal tone, the second person pronoun “You”, the question form and informal vocabulary. However, the language style of essays uses very formal vocabulary.

5. Occasion
This affects the message, for example, a speech to be read at a funds drive versus a birthday party or even a wedding party will be different in its woven way. Therefore, occasion determines content of the writing task and how it is to be presented.

NB://Before undertaking or accepting any writing assignment/ order take a good consideration of these tasks as they actively influence the writing process. In the next post, I will talk about the various types of writing that we have in the writing field may it be academic or online/ digital writing. This will cover in depth the major genres of writing. Until next time, lets keep on writing. We are the Mosun Writers Family!

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