Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Relationship conflicts are one of the major causes/ setbacks behind breakage of healthy, meant-to-be relationships. A relationship can be any connection or association or rather a condition of being related either by blood or by interpersonal attraction. However, in this article, the relationship that I will be laying basis on is the romantic or sexual... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Signs of Cancer You Need to Know

Cancer is a disease of many common symptoms depending on the particular form of cancer and where it resides. In this list, we will go through alarming signs of cancer that while prolonged, you should always seek medical attention. Note: Before you continue reading further, it is important for you to note that the listed... Continue Reading →

Beauty As the Measure of Suitability for Procuring Most Sales Jobs

Beauty bias is unfairly used as a go ahead to some careers. Most business owners believe that women considered "good looking" perform better in sales and help driving the sales higher. However, I believe that those who have invested time and resources to gain skills and knowledge in an area deserves opportunities in that area more than those who have only his or her looks to offer.

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