The Writing Process

You've just received your first academic writing assignment. What do you do? If you are a beginning writer, take it step by step. The following writing process has worked for millions of university students. Choose a topic, think (brainstorm), research, discover your thesis, plan (outline), write, revise, edit and proofread. Beginning writers should follow this... Continue Reading →

Distinguishing Between Facts, Opinions and Inferences

Facts: these are statements that are readily and easily verifiable, that is, something that is known to be true or false. For example, there are 26 participants in this group or ten thousand Kenyans die every year because of cancer-related problems. Opinions; they are based on values, beliefs or philosophical concepts, that is, a person's... Continue Reading →

Genres of Writing

There are four main types of writing, namely; descriptive writing, narrative writing, expository writing and argumentative writing. As they are wide, it is of equal magnitude to look at each type of writing solely and keenly examine, analyze and discuss each of the writing techniques required in each writing genre. As a writer, you should... Continue Reading →

How Science, Life and Future are Interrelated.

Science, life and future are interrelated, that is, each one of these elements in this triangle affects the other two. In the recent past we have been privileged to witness the largest scientific shift which has affected our lives in every aspect both in the economic and social contexts. The application of scientific knowledge has... Continue Reading →

Features of Academic Writing

There are different kinds of writings produced in different contexts, for example, a memo, a letter to a friend, a newspaper article, an SMS, et al. Each of these differs in style, language used, the vocabulary and the purpose that it intends to achieve. Academic writing is serious writing guided by certain standard conventions such... Continue Reading →

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