Introduction to Academic Writing

Writing is a process of communication between a writer and a reader or readers. Writing can be very rewarding if it is carefully planned as it can reach a wide audience. Academic writing is an objective and controlled research conducted either voluntarily or at the request of an organization. It is solely meant for informational... Continue Reading →

Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Relationship conflicts are one of the major causes/ setbacks behind breakage of healthy, meant-to-be relationships. A relationship can be any connection or association or rather a condition of being related either by blood or by interpersonal attraction. However, in this article, the relationship that I will be laying basis on is the romantic or sexual... Continue Reading →

Cervical Cancer

What is the health issue? Cervical cancer is one of the killer diseases among women's health history. It a major concern to the general public and health scholars as it a nightmare both in handling, treatment and management. Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by an infection resulting from a sexually... Continue Reading →

The Familiar and the Unfamiliar Essay

Social injustices have been at the core humankind since time immemorial. Although most forms of social injustices are always overlooked, many people are still suffering even in this age of human civilization. The world has always been hostile to some groups of people where a particular group of people feel that they are more superior... Continue Reading →

School Leadership and Management

A good leader is not born; he is made (Manoj, et al, 2013). Although there are different theories surrounding and explaining leadership, anyone can become an effective leader if he or she has the will-power and desire of leading a group of people towards achieving a specific objective. As a new leader in my profession,... Continue Reading →

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